Høst 17 – The Act of Painting & The Story

On the 29th of November, Speilsalen will be turned into an experimental arena. Two different performances will be blended together into one common artistic project.

The evening will begin with “The Act of Painting”, which is a performance aimed at revealing to the audience the often secret and invisible creative process that painters go through when producing art. The mythical-melancholic performance of “The Act of Painting” will tear down the barrier separating audiences and artistic developments. Audiences will experience the creation of art from its beginning to end.

“The Story” is a theatrical attempt to tell an unscripted narrative. The performance will be led by three different voices without a predetermined order.

The Act of Painting & The Story are more than a simple montage showing different works for an evening, both performances connect through their common source of inspiration.

Marc Adler, Lisa Boner, Anders Løkeland Slåke, Henning Eide, Aurélien Adam


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